Ohio School Bonds

The State of Ohio has four surety bond requirements that are related to education. These surety bonds are enforced by different regulatory agencies and are meant to guarantee the financial safety and welfare of Ohio's students. For the most part these bonds guarantee a return of prepaid tuition, should the promised education not occur. You will not find this protection from your average college or university.

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Barber and cosmetology schools need a $10,000 bond to be licensed with the Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board.

Ohio public and private schools providing the Autism Scholarship Program must register with the Department of Education and hold a surety bond in relation to that program's offering.

Career colleges and schools in Ohio or out-of-state schools offering courses to Ohio students, are required to hold a bond in order to obtain a certificate of registration.

School boards or districts that hire school bus transportation services require the contracted transportation individual or business to file a license bond with the BMV.

Commercial driver training schools, class D driver training schools, abbreviated adult driver training schools, and commercial driver license third party testing centers must have a license bond in Ohio.