Ohio Environmental Bonds

In Ohio, there are four bond requirements needed before pursuing operations in the State: reclamation permit, solid waste facilities, scrap tire transporters, and well-drilling bonds. We combined the solid waste and scrap tire together as they both fall under the jurisdiction of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. The other bonds are in the domain of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Select the bond you need below or give us a call at (855) 296-2663 if you do not see the environment-related bond you need to begin or continue work.

The Department of Natural Resources mandates coal mine operators to get a Reclamation Bond prior to starting permitted work.

Scrap tire transporters and solid waste facilities are required to hold a surety bond with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Owners of wells and those performing work on oil and gas wells need an Oil and Gas Well Permit Bond, filed with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.