Ohio Hard to Find Surety Bonds

In the surety industry, there are niche sectors where bonds are required for different licenses, permits, and agreements. The Ohio bonds below are often not a priority (or even offered) at other surety companies, but Jet takes the time to carefully research each bond requirement to best serve you.

Check the list below to find the bond you are required to obtain, but if you don't see the one you need give us a call at (855) 296-2663. You can also check out our complete list of Ohio Surety Bonds.

Sports Bonds

$15,000 surety bond for the registration of athlete agents, filed to the Ohio Athletic Commission.

Hunting and fishing license, permit and stamp sales agents must obtain a license bond with the Department of Natural Resources.

This $20,000 tax surety bond is required for fight promoters of MMA, boxing and wrestling competitions.

Cannabis Bonds

The Hemp Processor Bond is a licensing requirement for hemp processors as a financial guarantee to the State and hemp cultivators.

Per the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy, a $50,000 surety bond is required for licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.

Solicitor Bonds

The Ohio Attorney General mandates professional solicitors and fundraising counsels to hold a $25,000 surety bond.

Transient vendors and merchants may need to file a bond with various cities or counties before providing goods and services to Ohio citizens.

Those soliciting via telephone, telemarketers, must file a $50,000 bond with the Ohio Attorney General.

Other Bonds

Auction firms and auctioneers are to file a $25,000 license bond with the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

A surety bond enforced by the Department of Health for Ohio nursing home facilities to protect the funds of their residents.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture mandates that all high-volume dog breeders in the State secure a surety bond.

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) that are unable to show positive working capital must file a bond with the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation.

Lottery sales agents need a license bond on file with the Ohio Lottery Commission for the duration of their operations.

This surety bond is a requirement by the Division of Forestry before a timber sales agreement or contract is issued.

To ensure a safe supply of milk and dairy products, the Department of Agriculture requires milk dealers to secure a surety bond.

Utility deposit bonds may be required for certain utility customers to guarantee the payment of gas, electric, or water bills.