Ohio Title Agent Bond

Ohio Title Agent Bond

The $150,000 Title Agent Bond is a requirement by the Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI), Licensing Division for title agents handling settlement, escrow, or closing functions for real property transactions not involving title insurance issuance in the State of Ohio. The license bond gives reassurance to the ODI that restitution is available through the surety company (Jet) if the title agent causes financial loss by acting negligently or fraudulently while conducting business.


New agents and those renewing their Title Agent Bond should look no further - Jet’s process is quick and guarantees you an affordable rate!

How Much Does the Ohio Title Agent Bond Cost?

With Jet, you will only pay a small percentage of the $150,000 bond limit. Rates are based on a soft credit check, starting at $1,125 for one year or $113 monthly. The chart below shows different purchase options for someone with preferred credit.

Bond TermCost
1 Year$1,125
Ohio Title Agent Bond Pricing

We understand getting and maintaining a license can be expensive, which is why our monthly subscription is a great option for the high bond limit. 

Why Does the Ohio Department of Insurance Require a Bond for Title Agents?

The ODI oversees licensing and regulations of several types of insurance agents to safeguard the Ohio public. The surety bond, which Jet provides, is a requirement in order to be a licensed title agent and serves the purpose of financially protecting the Department of Insurance and public from a title agent’s misappropriation, theft, or acts of malfeasance. Jet’s commitment as a third-party guarantor is to make funds readily available should a claim occur, lifting the weight off the ODI’s shoulders.

How to Apply for the Ohio Title Agent Bond With Jet

Our online bond process takes a few minutes to complete, only asking for some basic information. A soft credit check (which doesn’t affect your credit) is run to determine the rate you qualify for. A Jet underwriter will need to quickly review the information before a quote is provided. Once a rate is ready, it will be sent to your email and you can purchase it online! A copy of your bond and receipt will be sent to you right after.

How Does the Title Agent Bond Get Filed to the Ohio Department of Insurance?

Jet can do it for you! Once we receive your payment, we will send the completed bond form to the ODI for you at no additional cost. If you’d rather file the bond yourself, select that option when paying for the bond online.

The bond needs to be filed to:

State of Ohio Department of Insurance, Licensing Division
50 W Town Street, 3rd Floor, Suite 300
Columbus, OH 43215

Can I Cancel My Title Agent Bond? Will a Refund Be Available?

With Jet, you can cancel the Ohio Title Agent Bond at any time! You are required to keep an active bond on file with the Department of Insurance for the entirety of your license, so cancellation should only be requested if you have another bond on file or are discontinuing your license. When you are ready to cancel, email us at bonddept@jetsurety.com and we will notify the ODI. 

Once the ODI receives notice, the bond is kept active for 60 days, and claims can be made during that time. Any refunds for bonds purchased in full will need to take the cancellation period into account, but any unused premium will be returned to you after 60 days. If you pay on a monthly subscription, Jet will stop the payments after the 60-day period has officially ended.

How to Renew the Ohio Title Agent Bond

Bonds are to be kept active for as long as you operate as a title agent in Ohio. If you pay monthly, there is no need to worry about renewal! The bond will remain on file with the ODI as long as Jet receives payments from your preferred account. If you wish to change the card at any time, just let us know. 

If you paid for the bond in full at the time of purchase, you will receive an invoice from Jet via email and mail before your bond term’s expiration. Payment is needed to keep the bond active. You can either send in payment with the mailed invoice or simply click the link in the email and immediately provide payment.

Failure to maintain the required surety bond will lead to license suspension or revocation.

How Does an Ohio Title Agent Avoid Bond Claims?

The Ohio Department of Insurance can take administrative action against you for any failure to maintain the conditions of your license, according to the Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3901-7 and the Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3953. Administrative action can lead to fines, license revocation, and a bond claim, among other penalties. Reasons the ODI would pursue action include:

The ODI will often give you a chance to redeem yourself by correcting any issue before serious penalties are brought on. Jet recommends complying with the ODI throughout this process, should such an event transpire.

What Happens if I Get a Title Agent Bond Claim?

Jet provides claims defense by conducting a thorough investigation, so it is recommended to cooperate, be responsive, and give us any documentation that could potentially exonerate you.

Valid claims will be paid to the financially harmed person(s) in the claim amount, up to the $150,000 bond limit. The bond is an extension of credit, so you must reimburse us for the paid out claim or risk your license being revoked.

Are There Other Bonds That a Title Agent in Ohio Needs? 

No other bonds are needed, but under Ohio Administrative Code Section 3901-7-02, title agents are required to hold an errors and omissions (E&O) insurance policy with a minimum coverage of $250,000.

Ohio Title Agent Bond Form