Insurance and Bonds in Arizona

Many Arizona businesses must have measures set in place to protect the public. Some of these measures take the form of bonds and insurance. When you select Jet, we help you get the best rate for your required protections. Select the requirement you need below.

Coverages Offered

Use Jet to fulfill state requirements by choosing from over 150 bonding options. See a few of the highlighted options below:

Auto Dealer Bonds - The Arizona Department of Transportation requires dealers to file a bond in order to conduct business. Depending on your dealer type, the bond limit ranges from $20,000 to $100,000.

Contractor Bonds - There are 16 different contractor bond requirements in force by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors based on type and amount of work performed.

Contract Bond - These guarantee the contractor will perform work according to the contract, and are typically required on public projects.

Notary Bond - $5,000 bond must be purchased by all notaries in AZ, which will stay current for four years.

Fidelity Bond - Just as it sounds, this bond protects employers from dishonest employees in the event of embezzlement, merchandise being stolen, etc.

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