Bonding and Insurance in Wisconsin

Different types of bonds and insurance are required from state to state. Our quick and easy process starts with selecting the coverage below. After submitting an application, Jet will shop for you to find the best rates.

Coverages Offered

The state of Wisconsin has over 200 types of bonds available. Contact Jet to find the coverage you need at 1-855-296-2663 if you do not see your bond type listed below:

Auto Dealer Bonds - The Wisconsin Department of Transportation requires a bond in the amount of: $50,000 for retail dealers, $25,000 for recreational/wholesale/salvage/wholesale auction dealers, and $5,000 for motorcycle/moped dealers.

Contract Bond - Contractors must be bonded as a way to guarantee that their public works projects get finished.

Notary Bond - To protect the people from notary misuse, Wisconsin notaries must have a $500 bond for their 4-year term.

Fidelity Bond - Employee fraud and improper conduct that lead to financial loss can be covered by fidelity bonds.

If a coverage you need is not available online, please contact us to speak with an agent at 1-855-296-2663.