New Hampshire Insurance and Bonds

New Hampshire state laws ask specific industries to have bonds or insurance in place for the protection of its citizens. Jet’s focused service provides you with stress-free coverage in no time. Click the coverage type below that corresponds with your business and let us work on getting you a quote.

Coverages Offered

144 bonds are offered through Jet in New Hampshire. See some commonly needed bond varieties below:

Auto Dealers - Auto dealers of New Hampshire are obligated to supply a $25,000 bond to the Secretary of State to operate their dealerships.

Contract Bond - Construction projects may require the contractor to secure this bond to prove they will deliver work as written and agreed to in the contract.

Fidelity Bond - Employers as well as customers are covered from theft and other fraudulent activities caused by employees.

If the bond you need isn’t shown, contact our office for more information at 1-855-296-2663.