Insurance/Bond Requirements in Hawaii

Business in Hawaii often list bonds or insurance coverage as prerequisites to becoming licensed. Jet will take the stress out of meeting these requirements by searching for the lowest rates available. To get started, choose the coverage your business needs from the options below.

Coverages Offered

Out of 113 Hawaii bonds offered through Jet, below are some of the ones most commonly needed.

Dealer Bonds - The Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board of the State of Hawaii regulates the bonding limit for vehicle dealers. The amount required for the bond is determined by the number of vehicles sold within a year.

Contract Bond - Contractors are sometimes required to furnish a contract bond for public construction projects to prove they will perform work as promised.

Notary Bond - A four-year $1,000 notary bond is a requirement for all Hawaii notaries.

Fidelity Bond - Theft or embezzlement by employees can cause financial loss to a business, but the fidelity bond would reimburse the customer or the business in these cases.

If you don’t see the bond you need, give us a call and one of our agents will be glad to help at 1-855-296-2663.