Utah Bonds and Insurance Policies

Each state has specific requirements to do business, Utah included. From legal obligations to extra insurance to protect the public, let Jet get a quote for you by selecting the coverage needed below.

Coverages Offered

Jet is able to write 167 bond varieties as well as insurance in Utah. Below are some frequently requested bonds:

Motor Vehicle Business Bond - Dealers of vehicles, motorcycles, off-highway vehicles, or small trailers need a surety bond. Body shops, crushers, and special equipment dealers do too.

Contract Bond - Construction projects that are public may require the contractor to provide proof of contract bond which ensures the contract will be followed.

Notary Bond - Utah notaries will be required to furnish a $5,000 bond which lasts for four years.

Fidelity Bond - Coverage for employers who experience an employee committing embezzlement, theft, or other fraud.

If you don’t see the bond you need, call our office to speak to an agent at 1-855-296-2663.