Rhode Island Insurance and Bonding

Insurance and bonds are Jet’s specialty. We proudly offer competitive pricing for business owners all over the United States. Clicking your coverage type below will help you obtain more information and get a quote.

Coverages Offered

179 bonds can be written for Rhode Island businesses through Jet. Check out some of the most popular ones:

Auto Dealers - A $50,000 bond must be submitted to the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles for auto dealers to be licensed. This applies to car dealers and motorcycle/moped dealers.

Contract Bond - Contractors may be asked to furnish proof of a contract bond in order to work on a project. This ensures work is completed according to the contract.

Fidelity Bond - Should be considered if one or more employees handles cash or other assets for the business, as it protects the employer from theft and fraud.

Not all coverages are shown above, but call Jet for a quote today at 1-855-296-2663.