Bonds and Insurance Specifications in New Jersey

Jet Insurance Services provides bonds and insurance for select markets in New Jersey. Select below what is appropriate for your business type for quick and easy quoting. The list is short, but the service is unmatched.

Coverages Offered

Not all bonds that Jet offers in New Jersey are shown on the website, so contact us if the bond you need is not listed below at 1-855-296-2663. There are 214 other bond types available!

Motor Vehicle Dealers - All motor vehicle dealers must provide a $10,000 bond to the Motor Vehicle Commission to conduct business.

Contract Bond - Often referred to as a performance bond, which ensures the contractor performs work as regarded to in the contract.

Fidelity Bond - In the event of embezzlement, theft, etc., due to an employee, the employer and their customers are covered through a fidelity bond.

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