Michigan Surety Bonds

Businesses in Michigan are often required to secure surety bonds for the protection of the public. Choose your coverage below.

Coverages Offered

Only a few bond types are currently available through our online system, but Jet is able to provide 328 different bonds to Michigan businesses.

Auto Dealer Bond - The Michigan Department of State requires motor vehicle brokers, used vehicle dealers, and new (franchise) dealers to carry a $10,000 Uniform Vehicle Dealer Surety Bond.

Contract Bond - Large construction projects may require the contractor to carry this bond which makes sure the contractor performs according to the contract.

Notary Bond - A $10,000 6-year bond is required for all notaries in Michigan for the duration of their commission.

Fidelity Bond - Coverage for employers and their customers when an employee steals or acts in a dishonest manner.

If the coverage you need isn’t available online, contact Jet to speak with an agent at 855-296-2663.