Bonds and Insurance Policies in Maine

Businesses of Maine are required to look after the welfare of the people. Bonds take care of the people’s fiscal well-being, while insurance takes care of the physical well-being of the people or their property. Finding the coverage your business needs does not have to be difficult; Jet will shop around for your best rate. Select the coverage you need below.

Coverages Offered

There are 135 Maine bonds that are offered through Jet. Some top hitters are listed below:

Auto Dealers - The auto industry in Maine is supervised by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The Bureau has a mandatory requirement for auto dealers to have a valid bond but the amount required is based on the number of vehicles sold in the past year, up to $100,000.

Contract Bond - Guarantees contractual obligations are filled by the contractor on public construction jobs

Fidelity Bond - Bonds that may cover financial loss to an employer due to theft or embezzlement by an employee.

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