Kansas Surety Bonds

Companies in Kansas must follow state codes meant to keep the public from harm. Surety Bonds protect the public from physical harm while bonds protect in fiscal ways. Jet can provide the coverage you need. Click below to get the best rates for your business.

Coverages Offered

192 bonds types are available in Kansas through Jet. See some of the popular ones below:

Auto Dealer Bond - A $50,000 bond is required by the Department of Revenue for all license motor vehicle dealers in Kansas.

Contract Bond - Public construction projects often require the contractor to provide a contract bond to make sure they deliver work per the contract.

Notary Bond - A four-year $7,500 bond is required for all notaries in Kansas.

Fidelity Bond - Employers and their customers can be financially reimbursed for losses that occur due to employee acts.

More coverages are available by calling our office at 1-855-296-2663.