Iowa State Requirements for Bonds and Insurance

Business owners of Iowa must meet regulations set up by the state to operate. For example, there are various insurance policies and over 200 types of bonds that are available in Iowa. Jet can help you follow state codes without the hassle of shopping around. Select the type of coverage you need below.

Coverages Offered

Jet has 219 bonds available for various businesses in Iowa. Below are some of the most commonly needed bonds:

Auto Bonds - Iowa auto dealers must file a bond with the Iowa Department of Transportation to receive their license. All auto dealers need a $75,000 bond to run their dealership, with the exception of travel trailer dealers who only need a $25,000 bond.

Contract Bond - Project-specific bonds, such as contract bonds, are sometimes required of contractors working on public projects.

Fidelity Bond - Protects businesses and their customers from fraudulent activities due to employees of the business.

Jet does offer other coverages. Contact us for more information at 1-855-296-2663.