Illinois Surety Bonds

To conduct business, the state of Illinois regulates protections for its citizens. Among these requirements are several types of surety bonds.

Coverages Offered

691 Illinois bonds are offered through Jet. A few common ones are listed below but give us a call at 855-296-2663 if you don’t see yours and we will get you the coverage you need.

Public Adjuster Bond - The Illinois Department of Insurance requires public adjusters to obtain a license and a $20,000 surety bond before any insurance services may be performed.

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond - The Illinois Secretary of State has a set requirement for car dealers to have a $50,000 Designated Agent Bond to receive a license. It is mandatory during the first few years of business, but may not be applicable to all dealers.

Contract Bond - A bond that ensures the contractor will fulfill the requirements of the contract.

Notary Bond - Notaries in Illinois are required to carry a $5,000 bond which lasts for four years.

Fidelity Bond - Employers and their customers can be protected from deceitful employee acts with this bond.