Bonding and Insurance in Idaho

Many industries have codes set in place to protect the people of Iowa from being harmed by businesses. Insurance protects their well-being, while bonds ensure fiscal support. Jet will help you find the best rate for coverage needed for your business.

Coverages Offered

Idaho has various business types, which is why there are 160 different bonds available through Jet. Select your coverage below from some of our top hitters:

Auto Bonds - The Idaho Transportation Department requires all dealers to have a bond when starting their business. Retail dealers must have a $20,000 bond. Wholesale-only dealers need a $40,000 bond. Dealers selling motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, or snowmobiles must carry a $10,000 bond. If you have been a dealer for 3 years, the ICAR fund may fulfill this requirement.

Contractor Bonds - Certain contractor classifications in Idaho are required to carry a license bond. All bonds are $100 and available instantly.

Contract Bond - A bond for a construction project that guarantees the fulfillment of a contract.

Notary Bond - Notaries in Idaho must carry a $10,000 6-year bond.

Fidelity Bond - Embezzlement, stolen property, and any fraud committed by an employee, is where this bond comes into place to protect the employer.

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