Georgia Surety Bonds

Jet’s monthly payment option provides the lowest cost due for all types of bonds. Our yearly rates are also competitive. Jet's process is quick, efficient, and stress-free.

Coverages Offered

In Georgia there are 346 different types of bonds we can help businesses out with. Select yours below from our more popular offerings.

Used Dealer Bonds - In Georgia, only a few dealer classes must have a bond. Used motor vehicle dealers must file a $35,000 bond with the Secretary of State Professional Licensing Boards Division. For vehicle parts dealers, the Used Motor Vehicle Parts Division requires a $10,000 bond to operate.

Contractor License Bond - Residential contractors can easily prove the required financial responsibility with a contractor license bond.

Contract Bond - Public construction jobs will often require the hired contractors to carry a contract bond to prove their reliability on finishing the project as planned.

Fidelity Bond - Employees who steal equipment or embezzle money can be a big problem for your business, but with this bond employers, or their customers, can be reimbursed for these monetary losses.

Jet can provide many other coverage types - call us for more information at 1-855-296-2663.