Requirements for Bonding and Insurance in Connecticut

Businesses of Connecticut are obligated to protect the interest of the public. The state of Connecticut enforces this protection in the form of insurance and bonds. You can follow state requirements and make the process stress-free when working with Jet, where we shop the market for you. To get started, select the coverage you need below.

Coverages Offered

The state of Connecticut has 347 bonds that can be written through Jet. Find your bond in the list of top ranking bonds:

Auto Dealer Bonds - Although there are several types of auto dealers, Connecticut law only requires new, used, and repair dealers to carry a bond. The amount of the bond varies within the types, with the largest amount being $50,000 in coverage.

Contract Bond - Contract bonds are also known as performance or permit bonds. These are sometimes required of contractors when doing work on public projects.

Fidelity Bond - Business owners with this bond can relax knowing that if an employee commits a dishonest act, the business or customer will be reimbursed for any financial losses incurred.

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