Colorado Surety Bonds

The State of Colorado has various bond requirements in order to run a business. With Jet, finding coverage is quick and painless—we eliminate the middlemen and deliver payment options that work for everyone.

Coverages Offered

Out of 188 options, some bonds are more sought after than others. For the most popular bonds, choose from the selection below.

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond - Colorado dealers have an obligation to the public to protect them from financial loss and bonds are required for that reason. Depending on your dealer class, your bond will be $5,000, $15,000, or $50,000.

Contract Bond - Contractors are often required on public projects to show proof of a contract bond. This is to protect the public if the contractor does not deliver the results as promised.

Fidelity Bond - If an employee steals from the employer or customer, a claim can be filed on this bond so the victim is reimbursed for their financial losses.

For the other bonds, call Jet at 855-296-2663 to speak to a representative.