California Bond and Insurance Regulations

Industries in California must follow requirements to operate, which include insurance and bonding regulations. Choose from the markets we work with below to make your bonding process easy and stress-free.

Coverages Offered

With over 300 bond requirements in California, business owners can trust in Jet to get their surety bond. Choose from our popular bonds below:

Auto Dealer Bonds - The Department of Motor Vehicles regulates bonds for the auto industry to keep the public from experiencing fiscal loss. Ranging from $5,000 to $50,000, California auto dealer bonds vary depending on the dealer classification.

Contractor License Bond - The Contractor State License Board requires all contractors to have a $15,000 bond in place in order to be licensed.

Contract Bond - Public construction projects often require contractors to purchase a contract bond to prove they will perform to the job standards.

Notary Bond - A $15,000 Notary Bond is required in the State of California which runs continuously over the four-year period.

Fidelity Bond - Employers who purchase this bond can rest in peace knowing that if an employee acts dishonestly such as stealing merchandise or equipment, the bond will account for the loss.

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