Alaska Bonds and Insurance

Alaska businesses are often required to hold bonding and/or insurance in order to legally operate. Jet will take away any stress of searching for a rate when you let us do the shopping for you. Select the type of coverage you need below to get started.

Coverages Offered

There are a total of 89 surety bonds and three types of insurance Jet can write in Alaska. However, not all are available through our online system at this time. Check out a few of the top hitters:

Auto Dealer Bond - Motor vehicle dealers in Alaska must have a $100,000 bond filed with the Division of Motor Vehicles. Motorcycle-only dealers are required to hold a $25,000 bond.

Contract Bond - Also known as performance bonds, these are required on certain public construction jobs to ensure that the contractor will complete the job as promised.

Notary Bond - A four-year $1,000 bond is enforced by the State of Alaska in order to protect the public against financial loss incurred from notarial misconduct.

Fidelity Bond - Coverage that protects employers from theft, forgery of documents, embezzlement, and any other fraud or damages caused by employees.

If you don’t see a coverage listed here that you need for your business, speak with an agent by calling 1-855-296-2663.