Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds – Vermont

A bond acts as a type of financial protection to the public. If a dealer does not follow the conduct required by law, the customer may suffer financial loss. In such a case, the bond will reimburse the customer. In Vermont, only new and used car/truck dealers need to have a bond.

Vermont Dealer Bond Rates

Jet works to find you the lowest rate for your bond. We partner with several insurance companies to compare rates and find what works best for you.

For a rate, the amount of the bond needed for your business is a big factor, but other personal aspects, such as dealership owner’s credit, affect the rate as well. Regardless, Jet will look for the rate at the lowest cost to you.

We can also offer competitive pricing through our monthly payment plan, starting at $18 for a new dealer needing a $35,000 bond. If you’d like a yearly payment, our rates start at $210 for a $35,000 bond.

Price Tier* Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
Monthly | Annual
Preferred $12 | $125
Standard $21 | $250
Credit Repair $47 | $599
Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
Price Tier
Monthly | Annual
$12 | $125
$21 | $250
Credit Repair
$47 | $599
*Pricing reflected is not a guarantee, as the final quote for the bond is based on personal credit as stated above. Please note that not all available price tiers are shown.

Why Choose a Bond When There are Alternatives?

The State of Vermont allows you to submit a Certificate of Deposit or a Letter of Credit in lieu of a bond. However, both the Letter of Credit and the Certificate of Deposit will require the full amount of the bond deposited into a bank account. You will have to supply that money yourself and it will be locked up until several years after you are done with your business as a dealer.

Bonds act in a way similar to insurance, where you pay a small price to receive coverage in the full amount of the bond. If following the guidelines expected of dealers, you will not have to pay anything more than the amount to receive your bond. However, if claims are made against you, the bond will reimburse the customer and you are still obligated to pay back the surety.

Can the Application Be Done Online?

Yes, and it can be completed in one minute or less. Click the bond type below that corresponds with your business. Once submitted Jet will deliver a competitive quote within one business day.

Bond Applications for Alabama

$25,000 Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

Checklist for a New Dealer in Vermont

Listed below are items needed for new dealer registration. This applies to new car, used car, trailer, highway building equipment, motorcycle, and farm equipment dealers.

More information can be found  in the New Vermont Dealer Information Packet.