Louisiana Surety Bonds

Business owners in Louisiana must oblige with state codes to keep the public safe. The state requires bonds for various industries to protect the interests of the people of Louisiana. Select the requirement you need below to get your bond with Jet today.

Coverages Offered

Bonds in Louisiana are required for various businesses, and Jet is happy to provide a quote. Choose from our list of commonly needed bonds:

Auto Dealers - Louisiana dealers of new, used, or specialty vehicles will need a bond in order to conduct business. The Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission requires new and specialty auto dealers to file a $20,000 bond. Used auto dealers must file a $50,000 bond with the Louisiana Used Motor Vehicle Commission.

Contract Bond - Public projects sometimes require the contractor to carry this bond to secure the performance of the contract.

Notary Bond - This is a requirement for all Louisiana notaries. The bond has a limit of $10,000 and lasts for five years.

Fidelity Bond - Do you have an employee handling cash or other valuable assets? A fidelity bond can help protect you if that employee commits fraud.

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