Insurance and Bonds in Kentucky

Kentucky State regulates many industries to ensure its citizens are protected through bonds or insurance. When you choose Jet, you can follow state codes and receive a low rate. Click the coverage your business needs.

Coverages Offered

Some of the most common bond types are listed below, but Jet can provide 186 bonds within the state of Kentucky.

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond - If the Commission deems there are not enough assets or other securities present, an auto dealer bond from will be required. The Motor Vehicle Commission will decide the bond amount required, ranging from $25,000 to $100,000.

Public Adjuster and Non-Resident Adjuster Bonds - The Kentucky Department of Insurance regulates public adjusters and independent adjusters (including resident and non-resident licensees). To be licensed, you may need a $20,000 Public Adjuster Bond or a $1,000 Non-Resident Adjuster Bond.

Contract Bond - Construction projects that are public sometimes require a contract bond to ensure the contractor will perform according to the contract.

Notary Bond - A $1,000 bond will cover the notary throughout the duration of their 4-year commission.

Fidelity Bond - Protects employers from dishonest acts, such as theft, by employees.

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