Arkansas Bonding and Insurance

To follow regulations, many Arkansas businesses need to carry a bond, insurance, or both. By choosing Jet, finding the best rate for your bond is made easy because we do the searching for you. Click on the type of coverage you need to get started.

Coverages Offered

There are 230 available bonds in Arkansas that can be written through Jet. Choose from our most common bonds below:

Auto Dealer Bond - Arkansas law mandates that auto dealers have a bond in order to conduct business. The bond limit for Arkansas dealers is either $25,000 or $50,000 based on the dealership type.

Contract Bond - A bond that provides security for the public that a construction project will be completed as indicated.

Notary Bond - Arkansas notaries must hold a $7,500 bond which lasts for a 10-year period, to safeguard the public from misrepresentation on the notary’s part.

Fidelity Bond - Employers can ensure they are covered in the event that an employee commits fraud or theft.

Get in touch with our office for the additional coverage types by calling 1-855-296-2663.