Washington County Utility Installation Permit Bond

Washington County Utility Installation Permit Bond

Washington County requires contractors to obtain a Utility Installation Permit Bond before permitted work may begin in a public right-of-way location. This bond guarantees that construction will be compliant with permit regulations that fall under Oregon Statutes ORS 374.310, and ensures the public right-of-way will be restored after completed utility installation.


If you are looking to obtain a right-of-way permit from the County of Washington that requires a surety bond, Jet can help you secure this bond quickly and at a low rate.

How Much Do Utility Installation Permit Bonds Cost in Washington County?

The Washington County Utility Installation Permit Bond cost is dependent on the right-of-way permit amount. With Jet, rates start at $100. The bond rates will go up to comply with the required bonding amount and the contractor's personal credit. You can find examples in the chart below of the preferred credit tier permit bond rates.

Washington County Utility Installation Permit Bond Cost
Term Cost
Monthly $10
1 Year $100
2 Years $175
3 Years $250

At Jet, we cut out the middleman so we can bring the bond directly to you at a lowered cost.

How Does the Utility Permit Bond Get Filed With Washington County?

Washington County requires the bond form to be sent in ahead of the permit application submittal. The permit will then need to be approved and issued before any utility work can begin. Jet will send the original signed and sealed bond to the contractor for a counter signature. Once this has been completed, the contractor can then send a copy or the original bond form to the county. If a copy of the bond is sent in, the county will contact Jet to validate the content of the bond.

The address for the County of Washington where the bond needs to be sent is as follows:

Deptartment of Land Use & Transportation Operations
1400 SW Walnut Street, MS 51
Hillsboro, OR 97123

What Is the Purpose of the Oregon Utility Installation Permit Bond?

The Washington County Department of Land Use & Transportation Operations (LUT) requires a permit for any work that is being performed in a public right-of-way location. This includes repairs and construction of sidewalks, driveways, sewer and private water lines, utility lines, etc. The surety bond ensures that construction and restoration work will be done safely and will conform to permit standards while also protecting the public and transportation infrastructure of Washington County.

How Does a Contractor Avoid Claims on the Bond?

Contractors performing permitted utility installations on public right-of-ways need to abide by the regulations in Oregon Statutes ORS 374.310. Below are a few key areas that contractors should adhere to when working on utility installations:

  1. Complete work to safety regulations
  2. Ensure that public and transportation infrastructures are up to county standards during construction
  3. Resolve any damage done to the public right-of-way area during construction
  4. Follow all permit and Department of LUT specifications
  5. Restore the right-of-way location after completion of utility installation

The County of Washington is the party that will bring action against the contractor. The County Director of Land Use & Transportation Operations will be in charge of construction inspections and will typically give the contractor an opportunity to fix any mistake or unresolved damage before a claim would be filed. If the mistake or damage remains unresolved, the County of Washington may file a claim against the surety bond to recover losses up to the full bond limit.

What Will Happen If the County Files a Claim Against the Utility Permit Bond?

If the County of Washington is given no resolution from contractor permit violations, the county may then file a claim against the Utility Installation Permit Bond directly to Jet. It is typically difficult to fight a claim that has been filed from a government agency. Because of this, Jet can't do much but investigate the claim and proceed with payment if the claim is proved just.

Jet will then follow the guidelines set by the State of Oregon Department of Insurance pertaining the timeline and handling of the bond claim. This will give Jet 30 days to make payment after acceptance of the claim.

The contractor will remain responsible for their actions and must reimburse Jet for the payout of the bond. Failure to do so will lead to difficulties in obtaining surety bonds for future work.

How Does the Application Process Work With Jet? 

Contractors applying for a Utility Installation Permit Bond will need to provide some simple information to Jet along with payment. Jet will then send the original bond to the address provided by the contractor for filing. It is a quick and easy online process.


Does the Utility Installation Permit Bond Expire?

The bond does not expire and will remain in effect until the public right-of-way area has been restored to the County of Washington's satisfaction and thus releases Jet’s liability. While other carriers may require you to renew the bond after a certain period of time to obtain more payments, Jet does not operate that way and offers a one-time low rate payment for this bond.

Can This Bond Be Cancelled?

If a contractor needs to cancel this permit bond, a written request (email is acceptable) must be sent to Jet. Jet will then send a cancellation request to the County of Washington who can accept or deny the cancellation. If cancellation is accepted, there is a 30-day cancellation period in which the bond will remain active following the official date of the certified mailed notice. 

If the bond must be cancelled for any reason before permitted work begins, Jet can refund the premium payment once the County of Washington releases Jet’s liability. Otherwise the bond payment will not be refunded. Those paying on monthly terms will not receive a refund, but the payments will stop following the 30-day period.

Are There Other Bonds That Contractors in Oregon Need?

Yes, the County of Washington requires construction in a right-of-way location to secure other bonds and permits before work can begin. Oregon also requires all contractors to obtain a license bond. Information on the contractor license can be found on the Construction Contractors Board website. Be sure to research and secure any necessary requirements before performing construction.


Washington County Utility Installation Permit Bond Form