Oregon Outfitter Guide Registration Bond

Oregon Outfitter Guide Registration Bond

Outfitters and guides must submit a $5,000 bond to the Oregon State Marine Board (OSMB) as part of their licensing requirements. The bond serves to ensure that outfitters and guides follow their licensing standards and abstain from fraudulent activities. 


The Outfitter Guide Registration Bond can be purchased with Jet in just minutes through our simple application.

How Much Does the Outfitter Guide Registration Bond Cost?

The rate for an Outfitter Guide Registration Bond starts at $100 for one year with Jet — monthly payments are available at $10 a month. Other insurance companies use brokers and agencies as middlemen who add fees and commissions thus raising your bonding rates. Jet cuts out the middlemen and focuses on efficient processes to keep the cost of your bond down.

Oregon Outfitter Guide Registration Bond Cost
Term Cost
Monthly $10
1 Year $100
2 Years $175
3 Years $250

Jet skips the complicated and lengthy underwriting processes for Outfitter Guide Registration Bonds. Our rates are approved shortly after the application is completed online.

How Does the Outfitter Guide Registration Bond Get Filed to the OSMB?

When you purchase your Outfitter Guide Registration Bond, you can rest easy knowing Jet will file the bond directly to the OSMB. Unlike other companies that will put the burden on you to mail the original bond to the OSMB, our team at Jet is able to prepare your bond and send it to the Marine Board straight from our office. This allows your bond to be filed quickly, and saves you time and money. 

For initial licensing paperwork, you may need to submit the bond with your license application. You may turn in your application packet in person or by mail at: 

OSMB - Guide Desk
435 Commercial St NE #400
P.O. Box 14145
Salem, OR 97309

Can an Outfitter Guide Registration Bond Be Cancelled Early?

The OSMB requires a bond to be in full force during the course of your license. If cancellation is needed, Jet can request cancellation to the OSMB. The Marine Board will end the bond 30 days after the request was mailed. Following cancellation, Jet will calculate your return premium. Jet does not hold onto an “earned premium” or add any cancellation fees like other surety companies. 

If you have monthly payments, cancelling your bond will be as simple as contacting Jet to stop your payments. You may have one additional payment due to the OSMB holding the bond in active status for 30 days before finalizing the cancellation. 

Why Is the Oregon Outfitter Guide Registration Bond Necessary? 

The OSMB requires the bond to be a financial guarantee for fiscal damages arising from an outfitter/guide’s behavior. Mostly, the bond protects against outfitters and guides taking deposits and not completing the services paid for as agreed.  

The bond becomes a licensing requirement when guides take deposits of more than $100 per person for a trip. Any payment that is accepted prior to the service begins is considered as a deposit. The deposit may be either taken directly by the outfitter or guide, or by a third-party agency. The deposit serves as an agreement between the customer and the outfitter or guide of the expected services to be fulfilled during the specified outdoor activity. Examples of possible services and activities, see the chart below. 

Oregon Outfitter Guide Registration Services and Activities
Outfitter/Guide Services Outdoor Activities
  • Cooking
  • Guiding
  • Instructing
  • Interpreting
  • Leading
  • Packing
  • Protecting
  • Supervising
  • Transporting
  • Alpine mountain climbing
  • Angling
  • Backpacking
  • Boating
  • Camping
  • Canoe trips
  • Dog sled trips
  • Drift boat trips
  • Hunting
  • Inflatable canoe trips
  • Kayak trips
  • Rafting Trips
  • Whitewater float trips

What Kind of Claims Can Be Filed Against the Outfitter Guide Registration Bond?

The OSMB holds the bond to reimburse customers when outfitters and guides fail to complete the trip as agreed upon. Claims can be filed by a customer when an outfitter or guide cancels a trip and does not return the deposit. Additionally, a claim can be submitted when a trip does not fulfill the arrangements made when the deposit was paid and the deposit is not returned to the customer. Payment must be refunded to the customers because not delivering on the promise of services counts as fraud. 

How to Avoid a Bond Claim for Outfitters and Guides

Paying back your customers is not only good customer service, but can avoid claims and legal fees. If a claim is filed, Jet is obligated to investigate the accusation. Our claims team will check the validity of the claim by checking all submitted information from you and the claimant. Typically, the claims investigation can be completed within 45 days. If the claim does not hold up, no payment is required. 

If the claim is proved valid, Jet will repay the claimant(s) for the amount of the deposit. Since bonds work similarly to an extension of credit, you are still obligated to pay the amount of the claim that was paid out back to Jet. In the end, holding onto the deposit is just delaying the payment that you will have to pay anyways. To avoid this whole process, it is in your best interest to refund any trips right away when they are not able to be completed. 

How Does the Application Process Work With Jet? 

Applying with Jet takes less than 3 minutes from start to finish. Our online application will be submitted to an underwriter for review. Once approved a link will be sent to your email to complete the purchase. Simply click the link and get your bond today.


Does the Outfitter Guide Registration Bond Expire in Oregon? 

No; this bond remains in effect until a time comes that the bond is released by the Marine Board. However, in order to keep the bond in effect, you will need to provide payment to keep renewing the bond as needed. 

How to Renew the Outfitter Guide Registration Bond

Near the end of your bond term, Jet will reach out to you to make the renewal payment. To continue your bond, all you will have to do is go through the online renewal process, authorizing the renewal and submitting payment information. 

If you are on the monthly payment plan, your renewal is automatic. Payments will continue to be charged each month until cancellation is requested. As long as payments are able to be processed, your Outfitter Guide Registration Bond will remain in effect. 

Does an Outfitter Guide Applicant Have Other Insurance Needs? 

An additional requirement that an outfitter and guide will need to secure when submitting the application for registration is liability insurance. Along with the application and bond, the outfitter and guide will provide evidence of general liability insurance with a single limit per occurrence of $500,000.

When submitting the outfitter guide application to the OSMB, an applicant must provide:

  • A $5,000 bond (or other financial security)
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • First Aid / CPR card (American Red Cross or equal)
  • United States Coast Guard Operator License or OSMB Motorized Passenger Boat Operator’s Certification (MPBOC), whichever is applicable 
  • Application Fee


Oregon Outfitter Guide Registration Bond Form