Oregon Outdoor Youth Program Bond

Oregon Outdoor Youth Program Bond

The Department of Human Services (ODHS) requires outdoor youth programs to carry a bond in the amount of $50,000 or half the amount of the yearly budget, whichever is less. No matter what your bonding limit is, buying your Outdoor Youth Program Bond with Jet will guarantee the lowest prices. 


Jet Insurance Company takes out the middleman (brokers and agents) from the bonding process, cutting out unnecessary fees and maximizing your savings. 

How Much Does the Outdoor Youth Program Bond Cost?

For a $50,000 Outdoor Youth Program Bond, rates start at $50 monthly or $500 annually. However, if the outdoor youth program’s yearly budget equals less than $100,000, the ODHS will set the bond limit to half the budget. Rates are based upon personal credit of the youth program’s principal and our price example below is based on a principal with a good credit standing. 

Oregon Outdoor Youth Program Bond Cost
Bond Limit Monthly Annual
$10,000 $10 $100
$25,000 $25 $250
$50,000 $50 $500

Regardless of your bond limit, Jet will offer the lowest prices through our quick and easy application. Jet doesn’t put you through a lengthy underwriting process as other companies do; your bond is approved during the application available to purchase immediately. 

What Does the Application for an Outdoor Youth Program Bond Look Like with Jet? 

Within minutes, you can go through the online application by simply filling out basic business information. The Outdoor Youth Program Bond does require a personal credit check.

Other carriers and their brokers can take days to determine the  rate for what they would consider a “rare” bonding requirement, adding on commissions and fees to the quote; Jet gives you an approved rate that you can purchase right away.

How Does the Outdoor Youth Program Bond Get Filed to the DHS? 

At Jet, we take care of the filing for you. Our team prepares the bond paperwork and sends it directly to the Department of Human Services. Other carriers send the bond to you, typically with a fee, and leave it to you to send the bond form to the ODHS.

For new applicants, the ODHS may require the original bond to be filed with additional licensing paperwork. If needed, our team will mail the bond directly to you. When you have gathered all paperwork, you can send it to: 

Oregon Department of Human Services
500 Summer St NE E-15
Salem, OR 97301

Why Does the DHS Require an Outdoor Youth Program Bond? 

This bond serves the purpose of protecting the public and the youth that enter the program. Outdoor youth programs take at-risk children and provide an outdoor living experience to promote rehabilitation. Through outdoor activities, the program’s staff creates service plans, individualized to each child for the treatment of alcohol or drug abuse, behavioral problems, or mental health problems. 

The bond guarantees fiscal assistance should youths experience any harm and protect to the public (ODHS) from fraud on behalf of the outdoor youth program and its staff. The ODHS has many regulations that outdoor youth programs must follow to ensure the safety of these children. 

What Happens if I Need to Cancel My Bond? 

When you purchase your bond with Jet, you can rest easy knowing that Jet seeks to save you as much money during cancellation as initial purchasing. We know that unexpected things happen in business and you may need to end your outdoor youth program. When you make a cancellation request with Jet, our team will notify the ODHS right away to begin the 30 day countdown until the cancellation is final. Jet calculates your refund based on the time that is left on your bond; Jet doesn’t worry about withheld broker commissions (we don’t have any brokers in the way) and Jet does not add cancellation fees. 

As long monthly payments are received, Jet will keep your bond in effect. Failure to make monthly payments indicates a desire to end the bond and Jet will submit for cancellation. Our team will reach out to you to fix the issue before contacting the ODHS. 

Whenever you decide to conclude your bond, simply call our office to end the monthly payments. Since the DHS keeps the bond in effect for 30 more days, you may be charged for one more payment for the additional time the bond is in effect. 

Does the Outdoor Youth Program Bond Expire? 

No, the bond is continuous until the ODHS receives a cancellation request from a surety, which will happen once the bond term ends. Jet will keep your bond in effect as long as scheduled payments are processed. 

How to Avoid Bond Claims

The Outdoor Youth Program Bond serves as a protection for the public that outdoor youth programs will operate in a manner absent of fraud and misrepresentation, and follow Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 418.205–418.310 and the operating standards enforced by the DHS. As long as you comply with the operating procedures indicated, punitive measures from the ODHS (including bond claims) can be avoided. If you fail to follow regulations, any person that has been injured by your actions can file a claim. 

An example of a claim that can be submitted is if the program does not take care of the children left under their supervision, either by not providing appropriate food or behavior management tactics. 

What Happens If I Receive a Claim Against My Outdoor Youth Program Bond?

If a claim is made against your bond, Jet will report the claim accusation to the ODHS and begin an investigation within 30 days. Jet will always work on your behalf to fight false claims and will deny them outright. Within 45 days of starting the investigation, the claim will either be accepted or denied. In the case that the DHS files a claim, the Department will have already conducted their own investigation and have just cause to file a claim; because of this, the Jet investigation may be quicker than normal.

If the claim is determined as valid, Jet will pay the claimant for the losses they suffered, not to exceed the limit of the bond. Jet will then notify the ODHS of the amount of the bond that was paid out and how much of the bond limit is left on the bond. However, you are still obligated to pay Jet back for the claim that was paid out. Think of the bond as an extension of credit: the bond will pay the claimant right away to ensure they receive compensation for their troubles, but you will still have to pay back the surety. 

Oregon Outdoor Youth Program Bond Form