Multnomah County Road Facilities Work Permit Bond

Multnomah County Road Facilities Work Permit Bond

Multnomah County requires contractors to obtain a Road Work Facilities Permit Bond for permitted work on the county's roads. The bond guarantees the contractor will complete the permitted work on time and restore the condition of public spaces to their original condition.


If you just won a contract with the County of Multnomah and the permit requires a surety bond, then Jet is your place to get your bond quickly.

How Much Do Permit Bonds in Multnomah County Cost?

The bond cost is dependent on the permit amount and with Jet the rates start at $100. The bond rates will go up in accordance with the required bonding amount and rates dependent on the business owner’s personal credit. Below are some examples of permit bond rates for preferred credit score contractors.

Multnomah County Road Work Permit Bond Cost
Bond limit Cost
$10,000 $100
$25,000 $250
$50,000 $375

At Jet we have cut out middlemen brokers and agents, bringing the bond directly to you at a lowered cost.

How Does the Bond Get Filed With the County?

Jet can send the bond directly to the county, but it is recommended that Jet sends the bond to you for submission with your permit application to the county. The original bond must be sealed and signed by Jet along with your signature.

The address for the County of Multnomah where the bond needs to be filed is as follows:

County of Multnomah
1620 SE 190th Ave
Portland, OR 97233

What Is the Bond Cancellation Procedure?

If before the Permit Effective Date, the bond can be cancelled and a full refund issued. However, if the bond is active, then it can only be cancelled by the County of Multnomah. This permit bond will cancel, once the project is completed and the bonding obligation is no longer needed.

How Does a Contractor Avoid Claim on Their Road Work Permit Bond?

Contractors performing permitted work on county roads in Multnomah need to abide by the lengthy regulations in Oregon Statutes ORS 374.305 to 374.325 and complete the permitted work as agreed upon. Contractors should look out for these key area to avoid issues with the county:

  1. Complete the work on time
  2. Complete the work up to code specifications
  3. Restore public areas to their original condition
  4. Follow all county engineer and inspector demands as work progresses

The county can stop work at any time and require the contractor to correct any work that doesn’t meet county standards. The permit allows for 120 days for construction to be completed. If contractors face a delay past the allotted time period, they must request for additional time from the County. In any case, it is up to the contractor to abide by the county's orders or face consequences including a claim on their bond.

What Happens If a Contractor Gets a Bond Claim?

Jet works hard to defend contractors from frivolous claims, but in the case of a permit bond claim coming from a government agency there is typically little we can do. Permit bond claims brought to Jet from the city or county have been investigated and mediation has already been attempted. 

The contractor will receive notification that Jet has received the bond claim and give the contractor a chance to provide their response. If the claim is justified Jet will make payment to the County of Multnomah.  

Unlike insurance policies, which protects contractors from outside perils, this surety bond protects the County of Multnomah from the actions of the contractor. The contractor is ultimately responsible for their actions and therefore must reimburse the surety company for any claims paid. Failure to repay a Surety will result in difficulties to obtain a surety bond for future work.

Why Does Multnomah County Require a Permit Bond?

The county is responsible for many services to its citizens including the construction, maintenance and safety of county roads (all 274 miles of them). The county uses the permit bond as third party guarantee to the county that permitted work will be completed as specified. The surety bond is a financial recovery for the County of Multnomah should the contractor create damages.

How Does the Application Process Work With Jet? 

With Jet, the process takes minutes online. Contractors need to provide basic information, make payment and let us know how quickly we need to send the bond. A copy of the bond form and receipt are ready immediately following purchase. 


The original bond form with signature and seal is sent to the contractor for filing with the permit application.

Does the Road Permit Bond Expire?

The bond does not expire and will remain in effect until the road work is completed and Jet is released by the County of Multnomah. Other carriers may require you to renew the bond after a period of time to capture more premium. Jet does not operate that way and offers a low one-time rate for this bond.  

Are There Other Bonds That a Contractor Needs? 

For any licensed contractor in Oregon the Construction Contractors Board requires a surety bond in order to be licensed. There are several other permit bonds required in Portland, Gresham, Pendleton, Beaverton, Crook County, and Washington County. Before starting work in those cities and counties be sure that you have met the proper permit requirements.


Multnomah County Road Facilities Work Permit Bond Form