Oregon Mail Agent Bond

Oregon Mail Agent Bond

The State of Oregon Department of Justice Civil Enforcement Division requires a $10,000 Mail Agent Bond.  The bond guarantees mail agents uphold Oregon Statutes ORS 646A.342 and 646.344 protecting the state from illegal activity associated with their rented mailboxes.


Eliminating middleman brokers and agents from the bonding process dramatically simplifies the bond purchase and filing with the lowest rates available. 

What Is the Lowest Price for the Mail Agent Bond

The rate for the mail agent bond is $100 for one year.  Jet has multiple year rates for the bond so you can save a few bucks. 

Oregon Mail Agent Bond Cost
Term Cost
Monthly $10
1 Year $100
2 Years $175
3 Years $250

With Jet there are no fees. Often brokers and agents will put fees on bonds for their effort to find the lowest rate, but no rate is better than Jet’s.

How Does the Bond Get Filed with the OR Department of Justice?

Jet will file the bond directly with the DOJ. Jet will send a copy of the bond to the Mail Agent via email and in the mail. Unlike our competitors, Jet provides an efficient, speedy process to deliver the bond without any shipping charges.

The bond will always be filed to the following address:

State of Oregon
Department of Justice Civil Enforcement Division
1162 Court St. N.E., Justice Building
Salem, Oregon, 97310

Can I Cancel My Bond and Get a Refund? 

You can with Jet! Mail agents can cancel the bond at any time and Jet will send back a prorated refund for the remaining time on the bond. Other carriers withhold “minimum earned” amounts and agencies sneak fine print in their “brokers agreements” allowing them to keep all their commissions leaving the dealer with pennies on the dollar, even if the bond was only active for a short period of time. On top of that agencies and carriers may apply cancellation and reinstatement fees.

The DOJ requires 30 days notice before the bond is cancelled, which must be factored into the prorated refund as the bond is still active during that time. With Jet, if you change your mind after cancelling or you were late on a payment you won’t fall into a suspended license if addressed with Jet within that 30 day grace period.

How Does a Principal Avoid Bond Claims?

Mail Agents need to follow the regulations set forth in Oregon Statutes 646A.340 to 646A.365. Infractions related to mail in Oregon are enforced by the Attorney General and mail agents violations include the following:

Failure to uphold these rules for Mail Agents may result in civil penalties from the Attorney General including fees up to $1,000 for the first offense and up to $5,000 for subsequent offenses. Mail Agents must abide by the actions taken against them or face further actions from the Attorney General and a claim on their bond.

What Happens If I Get a Bond Claim?

Jet will notify the Mail Agent the moment we receive bond claim notice from the Attorney General.  Jet always investigates the validity of a claim, however when faced with a judgement passed on by the Attorney General there is little Jet can do and will most likely have to make payment on the claim up to the bond amount of $10,000. 

Mail agents are ultimately responsible for their own actions and therefore must reimburse the surety company for any claims paid. Unlike insurance, the surety bond is like an extension of credit, guaranteeing payment for unlawful acts.

Why Does The DOJ Require the Mail Agent to Purchase a Bond?

The DOJ requires a $10,000 Mail Agent Bond as a means to financially protect the state from fiscal damages related to mail agent’s tenants falsifying their identity and from improper distribution of mail or materials to tenants. The Attorney General can bring action against the mail agent if rules and impose civil penalties per Oregon Statute ORS 646A.348. The bond can be used to cover these penalties if the mail agent fails to abide by the civil penalty placed upon them, thus guaranteeing the Attorney General can recover costs to regulate mail agents.

How Does the Application Process Work With Jet?

The Oregon Mail Agent Bond can be purchased online in minutes for $75. With Jet there are no other fees and the bond will be filed for you to the Oregon Department of Justice.

How To Renew the Bond

The bond must be renewed when the bond term expires at the term by the Mail Agent. After the first year with Jet there is no need to refile the bond as it remains in effect with the DOJ until cancellation is required. Merely pay the renewal premium when it is due. Jet will send a renewal notice months in advance giving Mail Agents plenty of time to take care of their renewal payment. 

Oregon Mail Agent Bond Form