Business Services Bonds

Business Service Bonds protect against theft which may occur by a Business Service’s employees in a customer's home or business. This fidelity bond provides Business Services with financial compensation for customer’s stolen cash or belongings.


This bond provides additional market value to any business that employs people who enter the customer’s buildings and will help set your business apart from others.

At Jet, there are no middlemen or brokers to deal with. Your Business Service Bond can be completed online within minutes from a company who can directly service your needs for years to come

What Is the Lowest Price for the Bond?

Amounts for Business Service Bonds depend upon the number of employees and the amount you would like to be covered for. Price ranges can be found in the chart below.

Business Service Bond Cost
Bond Limit # of Employees Monthly Cost Annual Cost
$5,000 5 - 20+ $10 - 21 $100 - 212
$10,000 5 - 20+ $13 - 30 $126 - 290
$15,000 5 - 20+ $15 - 33 $147 - 334
$20,000 5 - 20+ $17 - 38 $167 - 377
$25,000 5 - 20+ $19 - 42 $187 - 421
$30,000 5 - 20+ $20 - 45 $201 - 449
$40,000 5 - 20+ $23 - 51 $229 - 505
$50,000 5 - 20+ $26 - 56 $257 - 561
$75,000 5 - 20+ $32 - 67 $320 - 670
$100,000 5 - 20+ $36 - 73 $359 - 733

A Business Service Bond can be purchased online in moments at Jet by providing some basic information and a preferred form of payment. Directly after your purchase, your bond will become available to you.

Jet does offer monthly payment options with no down payment required, unlike its competitors. Other companies can only offer annual payment in full which can trap you in nonessential, and expensive bonding terms. 

Are Business Service Bonds Required?

Not by state or local legislatures, but they may be required by a hiring party.  Even if not required to get on a job site, this bond may help improve the marketing value of your business. 

The Business Service Bond from Jet covers the reimbursement on any cash or possessions that may have been stolen from a client’s home or business. Businesses who may benefit from this bond include:

What Happens if I Need to Cancel My Bond?

If you decide to cancel your bond all you need to do is simply contact Jet via email, and we will promptly process your request. There is  a grace period before your coverage is cancelled dependent on which state you reside in. Please check the chart below to view which grace period applies to your coverage.

Jet Bond Cancellation Grace Periods
State Days
DC 30
FL 45*
GA 45
IN 45
ND 30
TX 15
All Others 10

*Florida offers a grace period that will allow 45 days prior to the bond cancellation. Alternatively, if a monthly payment is missed the bond will be cancelled after 10 days.

Will I Get a Refund Once the Bond Cancels? 

At Jet, a refund will be provided if there is remaining time left on your annual purchase. With other insurance carriers, third party brokers may deduct a minimum commission from the amount returned to you.

If you have chosen a monthly payment plan, Jet will promptly end your payment once you no longer require our coverage.

How Does the Application Process Work With Jet? 

With Jet, your application process will be to the point, and easily completed. Essential data will be required encompassing the number of employees, and the total amount of coverage desired. 

Upon payment, the finalized bond will become available online directly after the purchase.

How Does the Business Services Bond Renew?

For annual coverage, Jet will send a notice preceding the expiration date for annual payments. In order to continue receiving annual coverage, the Business Service simply requires payment to reinstate coverage.

If you choose Jet’s monthly payment option, automatic payments will continue as long as the coverage remains active and there is no renewal process.

Employee Dishonesty Bonds vs. Business Services Bonds

Both the Employee Dishonesty Bond and Business Services Bond are types of fidelity bonds concerned with theft committed by employees. However, there is one major distinction: Employee Dishonesty Bonds cover theft by an employee from the employee’s organization and the Business Services Bonds cover theft from the organization's client(s). With Jet each coverage would need to be purchased separately as they are viewed as separate forms of risk to the business.