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How to Get a Surety Bond

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Getting a bond shouldn’t be hard—and with Jet, it’s not! Let’s dive into how to get a surety bond fast and stress-free. If you want to get right into the bond process, click the button below or call us at 855-296-2663!

The Surety Bond Process With Jet

how to get a surety bond

Step 1: Find Your Bond

Jet’s application helps you find your bond with ease, either using a type-ahead feature or by looking through the bond database for the state you're located in. You can find more details on the types of surety bonds in our Surety Bonds Guide. Once you find and confirm the bond you need, there are a few quick steps to follow before your bond can be purchased.

Step 2: Apply

Some basic information is collected, including your business name, address, phone number, and social security number for a soft credit check (don't worry, it won't affect your score). Regardless of the type of bond you need, the application can be completed in under five minutes!

Step 3: Pay

After the required information is submitted, there are two scenarios: (1) the approved rates will be shown on the screen, or (2) the application will be sent to an underwriter for a quick review.

In the first scenario, you can select your bond term and continue to payment. In the second scenario, a link will be emailed to you shortly after submission which will take you to your approved rates so you can complete the bond process.

With certain surety bonds, you’ll have the option to pay monthly, annually, or for multiple years upfront. Other bonds may only have one pricing option.

Following payment, a copy of your bond and the receipt are available for download.

Step 4: File

When it comes to filing your bond, requirements vary, but when possible Jet will file the bond for you! Sometimes, the regulator requires the original bond with a surety seal to be mailed to them. Other times, electronic filing is accepted, via email or an online portal.

Step 5: Renew

Don’t forget to renew your bond! License bonds must be active for the duration of operations. Court bonds and permit bonds for construction projects are generally for a set term, so renewal is only required until obligations are fulfilled.

Luckily, Jet is here to help with a quick and painless renewal. You will receive a renewal reminder via email. All you have to do is click the link to fulfill payment for the upcoming term. If you chose monthly payments, you can skip this part! Your bond stays active until cancelation is sought. 

Ready to get your surety bond?

At Jet, our customers are our first priority. We have built a custom and seamless bond experience for you. Jet cuts out middlemen agents and brokers to deliver your bond directly to you, eliminating hidden fees and commissions. 

Questions? Call Jet to speak with a live representative.

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