A Freight Broker’s Guide to Success: How to Apply for the BMC-84 Bond

Jet Insurance Company makes applying for your freight broker bond a quick and simple process. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way to getting the best rates for your business!

Enter Your FMCSA Number to Get A Freight Broker Bond Quote

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If you properly entered your MC or FF number, your business information will populate into the respective fields. Please confirm that the information from our system matches correctly. You can edit your info to match what is most current.

At Jet we need your best contact information. Should a claim be filed against your bond, you will want us to get a hold of you ASAP to make sure the problem is resolved without any license complications such as a revocation.

The final screen of the application will ask for an owner’s first and last name as well as their social security number. Because of fraudulent activity within the industry, this last bit of information will be required to receive a quote for a freight broker surety bond.

After completing the above steps, our team of experienced underwriters will receive notice and take a look at the application. Our team will reach out if any further information is needed and if not, you’ll receive an official quote for your business within the hour!

You can call our freight team at 855-470-3773 if you have any further questions about the application process.