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A Freight Broker's Guide to Success: How to Reactivate Your Brokerage Authority

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Reinstating your brokerage authority can be a straightforward process. This guide will walk you through the steps to get reactivated, whether your brokerage or freight forwarder authority was activated and has been revoked or your brokerage application was dismissed.


Brokers with revoked authority will first need to secure the required surety bond and a BOC-3 designated processing agent. Both of these will need to be posted to your FF/MC before filing a reinstatement form. Jet offers rates for the surety bond starting at $849 or for the low monthly rate of $85; apply online today.

Next, you will need to complete sections A, D and E of the MCSA-5889 form. Section E covers payment for the $80 reinstatement fee. The FMCSA recommends submitting through the Ask Portal, but you can also submit via mail or fax. Be sure to complete all required sections, as an incomplete application will not be processed by the FMCSA.


Brokers whose applications were accepted, but never secured the required insurance and/or BOC-3 agent can appeal or resubmit their brokerage application. Appeals may be submitted if a dismissal was made in error, typically due to issues with insurance filing. You will need to provide evidence that the required insurance or processing agent was posted before the 90-day deadline. The appeal can be made through the Ask Portal

Brokers who never obtained required insurance or BOC-3 must completely reapply for authority using the same USDOT and MC/FF number. Unfortunately, this means the $300 filing fee will need to be paid again. It is important to note that resubmission cannot be done through the Unified Registration System (URS). Instead, brokers will have to complete form OP-1 or OP-1 (FF) and submit through Ask Portal or by mail.

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