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Scholarship Finalist | Sarah Boyle


| Aug 19, 2019

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Sarah Boyle has applied for our Jet Business Scholarship and her essay was selected to be one of our finalists. Below is some information about Lily and her essay submission. You can vote for her submission by clicking here.

Freshman at University of Notre Dame
Major – Liberal Studies

What do you enjoy about your studies?

I enjoy learning new things through reading, class discussions, and individual/group projects.  I am excited to take a variety of classes both in my business major and required liberal arts courses.  


What hobbies/organizations/jobs are you included in?

I plan to be involved in a number of activities at school including swimming, yearbook, and plan to study abroad to learn more about other cultures and business markets around the world.  


Sarah's Essay. Would you rather work for someone else in an established company or start your own business and work for yourself? What motivates your choice?

Although there is great opportunity and security in working for someone else in an established business, I am a risk taker and would want the opportunity to create and build a company on my own.  I have been accepted into The Mendoza School of Business at the University of Notre Dame, where I will attend in the fall.  I believe that the strong liberal arts foundation that Notre Dame offers in combination with the strength and reputation of the business school, will provide me with the skill set needed to be successful as an entrepreneur.  While at Notre Dame, I plan to take advantage of the many study abroad opportunities, to gain a more global perspective of the world economy and learn how to work with and learn from people of diverse cultures.  Owning your own business takes excellent time management skills, hard work and the ability to focus on both short term and long term goals.   

As a competitive swimmer, I have learned how to successfully manage my time in high school and balance a challenging academic course load with my rigorous training schedule.  I swim six days a week, two hours a day, before school starts.  I spend hours training in the water and can’t imagine what my life would be like if I didn’t know how to swim.  I never really thought about the tragedies that can occur from accidental drowning. Last year, the news that US Olympic skier, Bode Miller’s infant daughter drowned in a neighbor’s swimming pool, left me heartbroken.  It inspired me to want to do something to promote water safety and make learning to swim more accessible to young children to help prevent water related accidents.  My goal is to develop a business model around my passion for swimming that would help promote water safety education and prevent unnecessary drowning accidents. 

My goal of starting a business will be not be easy, however, the pursuit of my education has never been without challenges.  The key to my success has been my ability to be self-motivated and to develop both short term and long term for myself. I have learned to think independently and develop my own ideas and opinions while learning from and listening to others.  All of these attributes will help make me a strong future business owner. I look forward to growing my educational foundation at The University of Notre Dame and achieving my ultimate goal of owning my own business.