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Scholarship Finalist | Ellen Zimmer


| Aug 19, 2019

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Ellen Zimmer has applied for our Jet Business Scholarship and her essay was selected to be one of our finalists. Below is some information about Ellen and her essay submission. You can vote for her submission by clicking here.

Sophomore at University of Wisconsin-Madison
Major – Marketing and Supply Chain Management


What do you enjoy about your studies?

My favorite classes are based in logic and math. Last year the one's I enjoyed most were Micro Economics and Linear Algebra.


What hobbies/organizations/jobs are you included in?

At UW Madison I am an active member of the Gamma Phi Beta, where I do a lot of volunteering in the community, I am also involved the Society of Women Engineers, and I dance. This summer and last, I had an internship at Medtronic in Minneapolis, working in their pacemaker batteries division. I learned a lot about the medical device industry and manufacturing.  


Ellen's Essay. Would you rather work for someone else in an established company or start your own business and work for yourself? What motivates your choice?

Last summer and again this summer, I had the honor of interning at Medtronic, in their Batteries and Component facility for pacemakers. I landed this internship through a competitive interviewing process in the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) program. The aim, is encouraging young women and building their confidence in pursuing STEM-related fields. I am a very logical, mathematical, a big picture thinker, mixed in with a lot of creativity. My exposure to a manufacturing facility afforded me many insights. Utmost, I desire working for an established company with a strong reputation. During my experience, I was intrigued when the production line had to shut down, due to not having the supply of components necessary that day. I was also captivated by the stories of the pacemaker end-users and the competition between the top three producers: Medtronic, St. Jude, and Boston Scientific.

From my experience at Medtronic, my current educational goal is to obtain my BBA in Marketing with a Certificate in Supply Chain Management. Ultimately, I would love to work in the medical device industry for an established company, where brand management is on a new frontier of development, in a fast-paced environment. I believe in this type of field, putting my energies into an established company would be the best way to learn, grow, and excel as the foundation is solid and it has a proven record.

My brother has survived on an insulin pump since he was two-years-old. Back then, the only reputable pump was made by Medtronic. Today, the landscape of insulin pumps has expanded to over ten manufactures, each with competing features and interface options, with real time data. This is one example of how these days, patients and health care providers now have a say in what they want with their devices. As the technology evolves and customers become more tech-savvy, brands need to market themselves as partners, offer services, education, and customer service. According to an August 2016 report by Health Research Institute, Beyond the device: From producer to problem solver, “medical device and diagnostics companies are serving as enablers, reaching across the ecosystem to offer services that engage patients in real-time, improve physician performance and demonstrate value beyond any one device, diagnostic or technology.”

Effective marketing encompasses the practice of connecting the value of a product to potential customers. I find the prospect of this strongly aligns with my forward thinking, analytical, ambitious, and creative nature. I look forward to building upon an established tradition of excellence in a medical device company.