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Scholarship Finalist | Dylan Sundin


| Aug 19, 2019

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Dylan Sundin has applied for our Jet Business Scholarship and his essay was selected to be one of our finalists. Below is some information about Dylan and his essay submission. You can vote for him submission by clicking here.

Senior at University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Major – Marketing and German


What do you enjoy about your studies?

What I enjoy about my studies is the wide variety of ways that I can apply myself. With the major and minor that I have, I have the ability to maneuver my way through and learn about many different industries and focuses, using the base of knowledge that I have built throughout the years. Whether it be the food industry, risk management, entertainment, or medical devices, the opportunities to find a niche are there. I truly hope to apply myself to a wonderful career working for myself in the years to come and it is all thanks to my education.


What hobbies/organizations/jobs are you included in?

I am heavily involved with my university's German language organization, where we are constantly practicing the language and sharing the German culture with the community. On top of that I play in a few local sports leagues throughout the city and at my university. When it comes to jobs, I spent the last year working with an insurance analytics firm and I am spending this year working for a global language solutions company.


Dylan's Essay. Would you rather work for someone else in an established company or start your own business and work for yourself? What motivates your choice?

A Chance to Thrive

Parading through the streets of Berlin offers the chance to experience a plethora of unique historical sights, fresh perspectives and interesting culture. Being the multicultural city that it is, Berlin offers everyone an opportunity to find what empowers and excites them. From the remarkable Brandenburger Tor to the hole-in-the-wall punk bar on Gneisenaustraße, the city helped me discover something that excites me for my future. This is the chance to bring a taste of local Berlin culture to my city in the United States. My goal and my dream is to open a typical Berlin Döner Kebab shop into the streets of Minneapolis, where it has never been accomplished before.

The ultimate goal is to be able to make the decisions from the top and bring a unique flavor and experience to the people of Minnesota. Only the freshest Gemüse (vegetables), Berlin-inspired sauces, and perfectly spit-fired meats make it through the doors. Contrary to the typical “late night” food joints that cater to the college students and academics and the area, I want to put something different into the area. No burgers and fries, no Taco Bell and no build- your-own burritos. This idea will offer a quick, Meditterannean-style meal that the Turkish immigrants brought to Berlin years ago in the times where West Germany and East Germany were still separated.

It all comes down to the idea of working for myself and having the authority to run a business operation that I feel can be successful. Could it be done by myself? Absolutely not! There needs to be a line of people that are there to help assist this dream and like nearly all business operations, the input I receive from others is valuable information that can help it grow. The motivation behind my vision comes from 2 main points.

The first one is seeing the importance of this style of cuisine and restaurant style in the city of Berlin. On nearly every corner, there is a Döner Kebab stand/restaurant that thrives in its own neighborhood and district of the city. The business owners are excited to serve the diverse population of their districts, and the locals/tourists come together to enjoy an important part of the culture. A major part of the local culture and economy relies on the Döner and it was exciting to see as someone from the US. The other main point of motivation to work for myself in this operation has to do with supporting the local economy that I live in. I want to be someone who can provide new jobs and care for the people of my community. In recent times, the area surrounding my university has been overrun with stores and restaurants operated by major corporations, all while the local businesses that built this city are being run out. This idea can bring new opportunities for job seekers and economic growth for the community, and the thought of that excites me to no end.