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Scholarship Finalist | Brett Weiner


| Mar 03, 2020

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Brett Weiner applied for the #JetFutureBusinessLeadersScholarship and he was selected as a finalist. Read Brett's information and essay below. To vote for Brett, click here.


HS Senior planning to attend New Jersey Institute of Technology

Major - Business


What Do You Enjoy About Your Studies?

I enjoy the variety of classes that I have taken in the past and present. My favorite part of my studies has been the interactive and group projects which have allow for brain storming and collaborative efforts. These projects have given me the opportunity to think outside of the box when given the freedom to do so. We have created videos, business plans and plays.

What hobbies/organizations/jobs are you included in?

My hobbies include working out, team sports such as lacrosse, cross country, basketball, golf, and skiing. Currently I work for a shipping company and have worked in food service, landscaping and at lacrosse tournaments. I am part of several organizations at school: Future Business Leaders of America and Student Athlete Leadership Board as well as being a 12 season athlete in my high school. I volunteer for Athletes Serving Athletes, No Limits Lacrosse and FCA.


Brett's Essay. The gig economy is growing in the United States with more and more people relying on independent work for income. What role do you see the gig economy playing in the future of the American economy?

The gig economy plays an important role in the future of the American economy. The gig economy gives people to opportunity to work full time or part time, as a main job or secondary job for added income, increases the employment rate, flexibility to meet lifestyle and family needs. Everything is at your fingertips and immediate gratification is now the norm, this will not go away. This expectation is being met by applications that allow for Apps are one of the fastest growing marketing tools and the people developing the apps are researching every human need possible and creating something to meet that demand. In turn, this is creating job opportunities for humans to perform the task, such as food delivery, car service, handy men, house-keeping, landscapers, errand services and child care. Apps such as Next Door, allow growth in local communities to recommend and network for services provided by neighbors and local businesses which keeps the money within our own communities. People of all ages can market themselves for these "gigs" in hopes to earn extra money working for people within their own neighborhoods. This rise in the gig economy will eventually require policies to be put into place so that this area of the labor market can be managed to ensure safety, legitimacy, accountability, honesty, tax liability and fair pay. Many of the gig workers may need to become licensed and bonded to protect themselves and others, new tax laws may need to be put into place, and the host company providing the platform to perform the service will need to fine-tune their targeted policies. Once policies are put into place gig workers may have to carry personal liability insurance and host companies offering services will see a spike in insurance/liability rates as well. All of this will put money into the economy. The future of the American economy will be positively effected by the gig economy both within communities and nation-wide. Policies will need to be put into effect to protect both the worker and the consumer. The gig economy will continue to increase at a rapid rate and will be enhanced by app development.