Janitorial Bonds

Janitor Service Bonds cover theft in a customer’s home or business committed by a Janitorial Service’s employees. This fidelity bond is a guarantee from Jet to provide financial reimbursement for the stolen money or possessions. 


You may be needing this bond in order to contract with a particular client or as a marketing add-on, creating differentiation from competition and an added guarantee to your clientele. 

With Jet, there are no middleman agents or brokers involved. You can purchase online in moments from the company that will provide you with service down the road.

How Much Does a Janitor Bond Cost?

With Jet, the cost of the bond is dependent on the number of janitor service employees and the amount of coverage. The chart below details the price ranges for each bond limit.

Janitorial Service Bond Cost
Bond Limit # of Employees Monthly Cost Annual Cost
$5,000 5 - 20+ $10 - 21 $100 - 212
$10,000 5 - 20+ $13 - 30 $126 - 290
$15,000 5 - 20+ $15 - 33 $147 - 334
$20,000 5 - 20+ $17 - 38 $167 - 377
$25,000 5 - 20+ $19 - 42 $187 - 421
$30,000 5 - 20+ $20 - 45 $201 - 449
$40,000 5 - 20+ $23 - 51 $229 - 505
$50,000 5 - 20+ $26 - 56 $257 - 561
$75,000 5 - 20+ $32 - 67 $320 - 670
$100,000 5 - 20+ $36 - 73 $359 - 733

Purchasing the bond will only take a minute online at Jet by simply entering basic information and payment. Your bond will be available to you immediately after purchase.

Jet also is the only company to offer a monthly payment option with no down payment needed. Other agents and brokers only offer payment in full, forcing you into unnecessarily long bonding terms.

What Happens If I Need to Cancel My Bond?

You need only to email Jet (mail if you like) a request to cancel the bond and we will process it immediately. Depending on what state you are in, Jet applies a grace period before coverage is cancelled. Please refer to the chart below to see the grace period in each state.

Jet Bond Cancellation Grace Periods
State Days
DC 30
FL 45*
GA 45
IN 45
ND 30
TX 15
All Others 10

*Florida offers a grace period that will allow 45 days prior to the bond cancellation. Alternatively, if a monthly payment is missed the bond will be cancelled after 10 days.

With Jet, a refund is provided should there be unused time left on the bond purchase on annual terms. Other insurance carriers will apply minimum earned premiums to bonds limiting what return is available. Additionally their agents and brokers may withhold their commission that should be returned to you.

For Janitorial Services on a monthly plan with Jet, we stop payment immediately once our coverage is no longer needed.

What Does a Janitorial Service Bond Cover?

The Janitor Bond from Jet covers the cost to replace any cash or possession that is stolen from a client’s residence or business. Whether the crime was committed by an employee or the business owner, Jet will cover the damages.

There are several things not covered by the bond:

Temporary employees are covered only in the event when a foreman in on the jobsite.

Before Jet, or any surety company, is able to make a payment for the loss sustained a criminal conviction must have occurred against the guilty party. 

What Happens When a Janitor Service Needs to Make a Claim on the Bond?

The janitor service must provide Jet notice of the theft within 15 days of the occurrence.Eventually we will need a detailed account of what was stolen and the amount necessary to reimburse the affected party. Evidence of the conviction will need to be provided as well. In North Carolina, documentation of an indictment is required in lieu of a conviction. 

Once Jet has the proper documentation required to make a claim payment, we will send a check directly to the Janitor Service. Should the theft have been committed by the owner or an officer of the Janitor Service, the reimbursement check will go directly to the affected party.

How Does the Application Process Work With Jet?

At Jet, our application process is straightforward, and can be completed within minutes. Basic information regarding the business including number of employees and the amount of coverage needed.


The completed bond for will be immediately available online following the purchase.

How Does a Janitor Service Renew Their Bond?

With the monthly option, there is no renewal process. As long as automatic payments come through the bond coverage remains active.

For annual payment terms Jet will send notice prior to the expiration date and Janitor Services need only to make payment to renew coverage.

How Does a Janitor Service Adjust Coverage?

Any time there is a change in the number of employees, Jet must be notified. For those on monthly payment, Jet will simply lower or raise the payment amount accordingly. Janitor Services on annual bond terms will either receive a prorated refund or owe an additional amount for the coverage needed from that point until the bond’s expiration date occurs. 

The same applies conditions apply if there is a need to reduce or increase the bonding coverage.